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Auralux is a clever RTS

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An elegantly minimalist yet aesthetically pleasant entry to the real time strategy (RTS) genre, Auralux streamlines the RTS game mechanic structure to its barest essentials – a numbers game of clashing units, while jazzing it up with soothing sound effects and an ambient techno music score.
Building on the principle that diverse, chaotic and challenging strategic scenarios can emerge from simple sets of game elements and rules, Auralux eschews the complexities of other RTS games for a stripped down approach: a matrix of nodes which when activated spawn particles (foot soldiers essentially) at various rates.  Your trusty little pixel clouds can then be used to seize other nodes, or to battle with differently colored AI-controlled particles, with the end goal of conquering the entire board.  Particles from opposing mutually annihilate upon collision (to the tune of customizable bleep bloop effects) , much like what happens when matter and antimatter meet, meaning victory in clashes between the flashing little dots is assured by basic numeric advantage.  Another interesting feature is that counter to the fast paced design mentality popular with many contemporary games, particle deployment here  unfolds slowly and gradually – you send a cluster of particles to a target destination and then wait for them to inch across the screen at a tortoise pace.  This lends itself to a lot of planning ahead and delicate timing, winning really hinges on the ability of the player to anticipate upcoming gambits, which are largely governed by the particle spawning rates of various nodes.
A great example of less-is-more, this adorable little app may not be for everyone, but fans of RTS will certainly find it charming and addictive.  Available in demo (limited levels) and paid full version at the Google Play store.



New blog, mofos!

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Decided I need to whip my ass into a state of self discipline and making writing, blogging and research a part of daily routine in a more methodical way that the slipshod slapdash approach to creative work that I’ve slumped into in the last few (admittedly Read the rest of this entry »