Month: October 2015

Why Vegas is better than most everywhere else.

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-Roller coasters
-Slot machines
-Elvis impersonators
-Flashing lights
-Ammosexual shooting ranges
-Snappy music everywhere

I rest my case.


Now hear this, you degenerate filth.

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Man, I am SOO burnt out on living in California.  So, so burnt out.  I’m am just… done.

I just want to make this perfectly clear: I am not just threatening to leave Santa Cruz to move to Las Vegas, I am 100% definitively going to do that.
Santa Cruz, in typical fashion will not realize what it is missing, until one day many years from now, a city leader (hopeful Cynthia Mathews, because poetic justice) will look out over the apocalyptic wasteland (minus the snappy diesel-punk outfits that make and self-respecting post-industrial dystopia worth inhabiting) that their cruelty and ineptitude is directly responsible for creating, and experience the uncomfortable thought: “Maybe we shouldn’t have treated that Colin guy like a human landfill, turns out he was the main thing holding the town together”.  This uncharacteristic moment of clarity will be, of course, too little too late.  Suckers.

(^^^LOL was I ever in a pissy mood when I wrote that)

I had so much fun in Vegas.  It’s like somebody built a town to the specifications that it appeal to my personality type.  It really is.  I felt more awake and alive there.  I have some opportunities out there and I’m looking forward to moving.  California has really bummed me out.  I’m ready for a change.

A more fleshed out exposition on the respective sociopolitical cultures of Santa Cruz  and Las Vegas (I have this thesis that they’re a kind of polar opposite of each other) is forthcoming please feel entitled to harass me with cyberviolence…


…should I happen to procrastinate on publishing it.  Good night, and good luck.