Asking permission to use the internet.

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SJWs in their native habitat (awful rascist doxxer Kat Blaque’s FB page).
When “white privilege” talk turns you into a grovelling, spineless moron who needs approval from someone in a more “marginalized” group in order to wipe your own ass:

Confirmed bottom in the sack
Oh no, it's retarded. Is identity politics a mental disease?

Jesus H Christ, it’s the internet.  Share things that you like.  That’s what people do.  Black folks will be fine.  They’re adults who can handle the fact that people post things online, even white people doing it.  Heck, if muh darker-skinned friends can handle even a P.C.-flaunting shitposter like me…

Livin' the Social Justice Dream. Is this the world you want, Sierra Ferrell?

…then I’m sure they’ll be able to cope with a mousy, timid, submissive do-gooder college girl.

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