Month: August 2015

On creative process: a note on where this ride is going

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Look Ma, no computers (or: the final output is the tip of the iceberg)

A bit about the direction this fledgling blog is headed.  I’m at a point where I have lots of rough drafts and I’m ready to start rolling out a trickle of posts as I hammer them out into finished pieces.  But in the meantime I’m going to talk about the framework that’s being established.
This blog is intended to be a mixture of polemic, exploration, and (yes, I admit it) self-promotion.  But it’s also going to be a window into my creative process – both because I will posting lots of artifacts of my progress toward building projects, and because I’ll be musing on the nature of creative work itself along the way – how it “works”, the challenges of personal artistic development, the relationship between ‘work’ and ‘play’ in a creative context. 
As many nerdly people in my age range can attest to, the “behind the scenes” documentaries about the making of the Star Wars films which were on frequent rotation on television in the 1980s were a source of major fascination in our childhoods.  While the movies -which I have always loved – could stand on their own merit as a final product, it only enhanced my appreciation of the artform to see just how much ingenuity and craftsmanship went into realizing this vision.  It’s in that same spirit that want to show you the “behind the scenes” of my own art.  I’ve learned to be just as fascinated by process – by how something is made, as I am by the end result.  Likewise with this blog, I’ve got a few long-term projects in the works – a few screenplays, a podcast / variety show – and this will be a place to take a peek “backstage”, if you will.

So while on one hand this blog will be a sort of catch-all for anything that interests me enough to share or write about it, and my interests are… eclectic. All over the map.  A little bit of lots of things. My personal obsessions can broadly be split into the major categories: Art (includes literature), Politics, and Science.   Those overarching topics are inclusive an almost infinite array of subtopics – I’m deliberately giving myself a ton of leeway here, within a the parameters of those categories.  That somewhat scattershot approach is (for me at least) a part of the creative process too: the mind wanders, considers different things, builds up storehouses of information, ideas. You never know which pebble in the mound will turn out to be the precious gem.  Anyhow thanks for reading and keep your eye on this spot for more substantive fare in the near-ish future, as I’ve stated I’ve in a good habit which I intend to maintain of writing every day recently and there’s quite a few posts in an embryonic state of development currently that I will be publishing sooner than later.  Cheers.