Month: July 2015

Tasty treats are on their way

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Despite initial intentions of posting regular updates, the stormfall of a spot of turmoil in my personal world had pushed the blog to the wayside.  I’d made a little accumulation of stubs and rough drafts, but was too busy with other concerns or exhausted or unfocused to put much effort into fleshing them out into a publishable form.  Then recently I had the opportunity to spent a week in a cabin in the mountains and really settle back in to the habit of writing as a daily practice, and afforded me the chance to move forward some of the embryonic proto-essays that had previous been sitting stagnant.  I’m on a roll now, and new pieces will be forthcoming.  Articles are in various stages of cooking up – some closer to finished than others, and will be rolling out as soon as they’re polished. 
So expect new posts here in the coming weeks and months. Here’s a sneak preview: a little peak into my creative process (that btw is a theme I’ll will be unfolding here in the future: documenting and exploring how, in terms of process, creative work emerges) in the shape of the brainstorm page I jotted out while up on the mountain.