Blurb on upcoming Magic Box show

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Currently in pre-production, the rebooted Magic Box show will be an informative topical talk show with a healthy dose of surrealism and comedy which will appear on youtube and on the Santa Cruz Community TV station.  We will be using puppets and animation effects to situate the action in a dynamic fantasy setting.  The rudimentary outline we’ve got written so far involves a bubbling wizard who’s magical mishap has resulted in reality being “broken” and he is now trying to “tune in” the outside world, by filtering it through the form of a Golden Age of Radio or early television type variety show.  We will chat and do skits about current events, internet culture, gaming, obscure science facts….

This is one of the puppets we’ve created so far.  The one on the right, I mean.


And here are some character concept sketches by the uber-talented Kathleen Kralowec (Twitter), who you should definitely hire the next time you need an illustrator, and throw lots of well-deserved money at her for it.  I’m really happy with how her designs are turning out:


So that’s just to give you a taste of the evolving visual style of the show, I’ll be posting more teasers and concept art is we go along.

I’m developing a Patreon and exploring other crowdfunding options to get the project funded, so…..Bender

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