Deep Freeze website is a great model for fighting corruption.

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Just a quick note today, entrepid and loyal readers.  All five of you.
While there’s a longer essay in the works about my personal take on #gamergate, the online backlash to journalistic nepotism and abuse of positions of power in the name of identity-politicianing (yep, that’s a verb now), for now I’m just going to share this site because it’s really quite lovely, and between the well-written introductory synopsis and the attached hypertext database of malfeasance, it does a better job of encapsulating the main facts of the controversy than a reinvented wheel rundown of events written by me would do.  Deep Freeze is not only the best entry point to the #gamergate saga for the uninitiated that I know of, it’s also a great research resource for anyone interested in uncovering further ethical breaches or conflicts of interest.  Anyone campaigning to clean up corrupt institutions outside of the the gamer world should take note as well, DF is a commendable and reproducible template for mapping out the social networks which foster unethical practices and for holding key players accountable by exposing their actions to the light of day.
Give them some clicks, give them some love, they’ve done a really great job of putting this together.


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