Personal goal setting: I take it back, +e-begging for monetary currency

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After a week of this, I’ve decided that the rule I set for myself to write a blog post every day is simply unrealistic given my current lifestyle.  A nice goal to shoot for, but some days I’m going to miss the mark.  Also, I want quality over quantity. After rushing to get my last post up in what turned out to be rough draft form, I realized that the “writerly crumudgeon” tone I was aiming at was came out sounding more like a bitter ranting asshole before I did a major rewrite.  I’m still not completely happy with it, but that might just be me being a perfectionist, at a certain point you have to settle for “good enough”, instead of playing the part of one’s own worst critic until the horse corpse has been mercilessly beaten to an absurd degree. 

What I’m opting for instead is to put work into new posts every day, although some of them may linger in unpublished draft form for quite some time.  That was my real goal anyhow – to maintain a productive habit of daily writing exercise.  Because a lot of what I have planned involves no small amount of research to make it happen, and because as it stands I’m not making a living as a blogger and have to devote time to other things to bring home the bacon (suck it, vegans!), there may be prolonged temporal gaps (sounds more sexy than what it actually means, doesn’t it?) between new posts going up.  Since I do take audience  building seriously, I’ll do my best to keep steady content going along the lines of what I call the BoingBoing school of filler posts – i.e. little blurbs about “look at this nifty thing I stumbled onto whilst web-surfing”.  But I’m also not going to keep myself up at night if a go a day or two without posting. 


Shameless grovelling self-promotion:  I’m in the process of setting up a Patreon page, so if you want to see more output from me, nothing greases the wheels quite like GIVING ME ALL YOUR MONEY.  Seriously I would love to do creative work full time and not have to divert time effort and worry into schlumping a mop around to secure finances like the working class pleb that I am.  A boy can dream, can’t he?  This will also go to fund a video project in the werks, sort of a topical current affairs talk show, but with puppets and a surrealistic fantasy backstory to keep it humorous and engaging.  We’ve been assembling a team of some very (*waves*, J-Bear, Kathleen, Cristal, Micheal) talented people so I’m optimistic about the final product.  We want to do lots of aesthetically neato animations and such, and more budget means higher production values.  Please feel free to open your wallets if that sounds like something you’d like to see succeed.  Thanks in advance!

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