New blog, mofos!

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Decided I need to whip my ass into a state of self discipline and making writing, blogging and research a part of daily routine in a more methodical way that the slipshod slapdash approach to creative work that I’ve slumped into in the last few (admittedly
turbulent) months of my existence.  So here goes, I downloaded the WordPress app to my phone and I’m off.

I imagine this could evolve in many different ways.  For starters I’m going to hold myself to one post a day (I’m serious about this, everyone is encouraged to give me a hard time if I miss a post!).  That post could very well be the bare minimum of a silly image macro with a short caption, though I will strive to give the reader something meatier as often as possible.  I’m know I’m going to take this all over place, like a journal of all the things that interest me.  My hyper active brain has a multitude of interests so I’m not going to list all the categories here like I’m writing a goddamn dating profile…..  but I can at least tell you now that I know for sure that I will doing:

Book, film, app, and game reviews.

Commentary current affairs with a especially acrid thorn in my heart for the puerile antics of the humorless “fight bigotry by being the biggest bigot in the room” enforcers of PC authoritarianism, everybody’s favorite people, the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).  Come at me, bro.

Investigative digging stuff and happenings around #gamergate.

Autobiographical sketches and updates on various sundry projects, missions and quests which I under take.

Something about D&D campaigns.

Other than that a general bucket list of stubs, bits of research, half-baked ideas and fragments waiting to be embellished upon.

Fucking pretentious poetry.

Ok that’s it, hope you shitheads like it.

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